the players:
Andy Swick: vocals, guitars
Matt Raschka: guitars, vocals
Dave "Turbo" Gertz: bass
Jeff Stitely: drums

the hometown:
Washington, DC

photo by Allison Nugent

the deal:
Formed in Washington , DC in 2002 by Andy Swick and Matt Raschka, grubspoon began to take shape in early 2003 with the addition of Dave ‘Turbo' Gertz, and then assumed its current lineup with the addition of Jeff Stitely.  The band has established a strong regional following (and a reputation to go with it) through its staggering live performances and extensive airplay on local and Internet radio. grubspoon's brand of indie rock swerves between dark, fervent, yet epic hooks, and straightforward driving melodies that twist and morph into a frenzy of hectic vigor.

grubspoon's second EP, the anger, the edge, and the joke behind it, was released in the Spring of 2004.  This five-song masterpiece only began to showcase the band's unique arrangements, powerful writing style, and authoritative presence.  The two singles from the EP (Swallow and Humility) received airplay on Internet and local radio stations including Radio Wazee, Radioio, and Washington DC 's only rock station, DC101.

grubspoon's first full-length entitled happy accidents was released in June of 2005. The band performed a special acoustic performance live on the air at 103.1 WRNR in Annapolis the evening before the LP's release. Additionally, the first single from the record, penance , has received extensive airplay on Washington and Baltimore area rock radio, including DC101, 103.1 WRNR, and WHFS on LIVE 105.7, as well as airplay on numerous Internet radio stations.

grubspoon continues to tour sporadically in support of happy accidents. They are intent on expanding their sound and inevitably their impact on teenage girls everywhere.

the situation:
grubspoon is an unsigned, self-managed indie rock band that writes, records and performs its own original music.

the truth:
Distortion. Always start with distortion.





show photos:

Nobody said we are the best looking bunch of guys ever to rock authoritatively... well, yeah, maybe we did.

Check out some pics


thank yous:

We've played with and would like to thank the following:
Animal Pharm, Audio Terror Regime, Army of Me, Ashes Remain, Base 2, Black Hand, Blast of Valour, Bluish, Buttonhook, Cab Assasin, The Cause, Conshafter, Drug Money, Earthborn, Elise Major, Entertainment System, First Rays, Josa Step, Karmacycle, KOE, Layhill, Man on Earth, Minus-One, Monroe Drowning, Ouija Radio, Park Police, Pharmacy Prophets, Real Love Diplomats, Reticent Virgo, Riddle of Steel, Ron Coco, Run Silent Run Deep, Skitzo Calypso, The Spinns, The Static Age, Supine, Swerdlove, Three Track Mind, Vent Silence, Washington Social Club


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