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You can listen to Concordia Discors
at our band page on MySpace!

Watch hooked performed LIVE at the legendary CBGB in New York!
(13 MB .mov, you'll need QuickTime... download here)

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103.1 WRNR in Annapolis was kind enough to invite us back to be live on the air on September 8, 2005. We have this as well as our June interview available for free download below. They include local music icon, Damien Einstein's interview with the band, live acoustic performances and spins of several album cuts. Check it out!

WRNR 103.1 FM, Radio AnnapolisWRNR Interview - 9/8/05 (16 MB mp3)

WRNR Interview 6/2/05 (25MB Download)


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Concordia Discors - Buy This CD Now! Concordia Discors
 © grubspoon 2006

1. caffeine
2. she's got a radio
3. last quarter

(Samples from "Concordia Discors " available from CD Baby)


Happy Accidents - Buy This CD Now! Happy Accidents
 © grubspoon 2005

1. loveatfirstsite
2. monster
3. penance
4. kaleidoscope
5. ventriloquist
6. hooked
7. 2:57
8. sabrina
9. fva
(Samples from "Happy Accidents" available from CD Baby)


The anger, the edge, and the joke behind it - Buy This CD Now! The anger, the edge and the joke behind it
 © grubspoon 2004

1. Go Away
2. Swallow
3. Humility
4. Fuck Virginia
5. Water


grubspoon - out of print grubspoon
 (Demo EP,
 Out of Print)
 © grubspoon 2003

1. 5s
2. Static
3. Florescent Lights
4. Water
5. Fuck Virginia*

* Special Editions only.