June 21, 2006
So... the rumors have been swirling for a few months now regarding the future of grubspoon. Thus, I am here to set the record straight. The members of grubspoon are currently involved in a new project called the Sonic Cheetahs of Death (also including members of Reticent Virgo). The music is in more of an indie/ acoustic/ folk/ rock direction, and we are very excited to report that we are making significant progress on our record and will be performing our debut show on Sept. 9 at the Poolesville Day Festival. So what happens to grubspoon? Well, we're taking a break to work on the new project, but before we do, we have decided to play one last show this Saturday night at the Millennium Music Conference just outside of Harrisburg, PA. We will be performing our "greatest hits," it's a performance not to be missed!! I hope that we will revisit the grubspoon material at some point in the near future. But in the slight chance that this is goodbye, thank you all for your support over the past few years. We had the times of our lives could not have done any of this without your love, energy and enthusiasm. Cheers,
PS: Although we don't have much posted yet, we will be posting Sonic Cheetahs tunes to our MySpace page as we finish them over the next few weeks:

December 5, 2005
Calfornia Dreamin'! We got picked up by iRADIO LA/indie 104 on 104.7 and 88.5 FM in Los Angeles! Indie 104 is America's #1 Independent Radio Station and is now spinning "Monster" on it's playlist. If you're on the left coast, you can request grubspoon on iRadio's daily request hour at noon, Monday thru Friday.

October 12, 2005
We have been pretty busy since the release of Happy Accidents in June, including last week as we played four shows in three states (well, technically DC isn't a state). Saturday night we played DC9 in Washington, DC with Adam West and The Opposite Sex, and we flat our LOVE both of these bands. Please click on their names and check them out, they ROCK! Anyhow, we're catching our collective breaths, and playing a few more shows in 2005, while we begin work on our next record. We hope you can catch us once more before 2006, which indeed figures to be the Year of the Spoon.

August 2, 2005
What a weekend, Saturday we decided to take a little trip up the NJ Turnpike to visit the Big Apple. We played the legendary punk-rock Mecca known as CBGB Saturday night, then went out and frolicked with some of the locals. CBGB is the coolest place any of us have ever been to, and we urge each and every one of you to visit if you get the chance (and you'd better hurry, as the club's future is in doubt). Some good friends of ours, including Chris Daniel and Walter Pennington traveled with us and documented the whole trip... so we are awaiting the footage and photos anxiously and will post whatever we get back (no matter how incriminating) to the site for all to see. We returned Sunday and all made it to work on Monday, only to head down to rock the Black Cat Monday night. The Cat is AWESOME and we can't wait to go back, everyone is super nice and it is a FIRST CLASS rock and roll club. We'll be playing with our good friends Park Police ( at their CD Release party at The Talking Head in Baltimore on Thursday, August 18. Join us, should be a great show!! Later!

July 21, 2005
Thanks so much to the City of Annapolis for coming to see us last night at Armadillo's, we honestly didn't think the city's whole population would fit in the place, but somehow you made it happen. We played a few sets, had a few drinks, made a few friends, and got mooned... everything you could possibly hope for at a gig! Stay tuned for pictures from the show. Thanks also to The Morning After, who travelled down from York, PA to rock out with us. We're headed to New York next weekend, so check us out at CBGB if you're in the 'hood, and then back to DC to play our Black Cat debut... definitely don't miss that one!!! Later Gaters.

June 6, 2005
Woe, I just noticed that we haven't posted a news item since January, our apologies. In case you were worried about us, we are better than ever, in fact grubspoon is EXPLODING on to the scene!! So much to tell so I will jump right in...

We performed live on 103.1 WRNR FM in Annapolis last Thursday night (6/2) with local music icon, Damien Einstein. Many thanks to Jarvis and Damien at WRNR, nicest guys on earth and real pros. We had a blast and hope to come back soon, click here to check out an mp3 of the broadcast (25MB download).

Thanks so much to the hundreds of grubspoon faithful who packed The Royal in Baltimore at our CD Release Party on Friday, June 3. Check out the pictures! Many thanks to KOE for opening up, Jim McD (ex-Jimmies Chicken Shack, and currently just a very cool dude) and his band Supine, and man on earth came all the way down from New York City and rocked out.

We are conversing with a couple labels who apparently dig us, so we'll keep you posted on any developments there. Otherwise, you can check us out at DC9 on June 20!! Be sure to call or email Roche at DC101 and request "Penance" off our new album "Happy Accidents." He's been spinning the song on DC101's Local Lix! See you on the 20th!!

January 31, 2005
Thanks again to everybody who came out to the Emergenza gig on Sunday night. We appreciate your support and are proud to let you know that, with your help, we have broken "the Velvet curse." Don't forget we have a show coming up in only a few short weeks at The Royal on Friday, Feb. 18th. And be sure to check out the February issue of Music Monthly because they reviewed our 2004 EP release "The anger, the edge and the joke behind it."

December 16, 2004
'Sup y'all, I haven't written in a while so I figured it was about time for me to say hello. Hello. Chriswanzukkah was great, thanks go out to The Morning After for rocking out and to DJ Gomez for showing up (just kidding Gomes, take it easy). Special thanks to The Barking Dog and Bob Brooksbank, who really made the evening possible. Most of all though, thanks to all our peeps who showed up with all your holiday cheer and the hundreds of toys for Toys for Tots. The DC area kids really appreciate it!

Now onto other stuff. We have a few shows coming up in Jan to check out, 2 in DC right now and we're working on one in Balt as you're reading this. We also have finished recording the tracks for the full-length, and we've started the mixing process. The record will be called The Man Behind The Curtain and we hope to have it done and out by March. That's it for now, hope everyone has a great holiday season!!

- Andy

October 27, 2004
Wow, what a great show. Thanks to The Static Age (of Tarantula Records) and Army of Me for bookending our set, and oh what a set it was. This was our last performance for a little while as we continue to work in the studio on our upcoming full length album. Everyone really seems to dig the new songs which will be appearing on the album, especially if you gage it on crowd response. You guys are terrific and thanks for making it so fun to rock. We look forward to getting back to The Mojo sometime this winter or spring and wish all the best to The Finger Cuffs and The Mishaps who helped make last night supercool (the lunar eclipse didn't hurt either!). Thanks again and don't forget to mark December 11 on your calendar, when we'll break out the acoustics and jam it at the 6th Annual Chriswanzukkah Festival in Bethesda (details to come).

September 25, 2004
Happy 6 month birthday to Amanda! Thank you to everybody who came out to The Barking Dog on Saturday night to help celebrate... oh and we played a kick ass show as well! Our pals Headstraight opened the night up and we shut her down with authority. We had all sorts of psuedo-celebrity appearances including the ever evil Dr. Evil, Kazoo, Pat Talbert and his brother, the always lovely Mrs. Va and a host of ole' friends who we haven't seen in a while. Thanks to all for coming out to hear the big announcement... yes, it's true we are finally scheduled to go back into the studio to record the next album. We start in only a couple weeks but not to worry, there will still be plenty of live, fresh grubspoon for you to partake. Email us if you want to come out to see a rare acoustic jam at the exclusive invite only Pre-Fells Point Festival Party in Baltimore on Saturday and don't forget Friday, Oct. 15 at The Velvet Lounge. That's all for now folks.

September 11, 2004
Poolesville Day rocked! Between the kiddie trolley, the dunking booth, the pulled pork, face pies, fried turkey sandwiches and Bassett's, we could barely control ourselves. We'd especially like to thank the 6 generations of Swicks that were in attendance, you guys are great. And for everybody that signed up for our email list, expect the barrage of harassing emails to start anytime now. All hail the mighty Indians! Remembering Poolesville Days of the past...

June 28, 2004
So we survived the road trip to Harrisburg, though not without leaving our mark on the PA State Capital, and the local Cracker Barrel (click here for show pics). If you ever go to Harrisburg, definitely check out Kokomo's Downtown... home of $7 pitchers of Captain & Coke, I still can't remember why we decided to leave that bar. It wouldn't be a road trip without someone's car dying, luckily we still made it up and back in one piece... which is more than I can say for my poor Blazer. Special thanks to Amanda, Heather, Glen and Scott for making the trip and partying with us! We have a few DC dates coming up and we're working on getting back up to see our friends in Charm City later this stay tuned.

May 25, 2004
We've been layin' low for a little while, but have a bunch of news for ya. As y'all may know our bass player, Eric Bloodsworth, has moved on to bigger and better things. We wish him and Jill all the best as they embark on parenthood!

Turbo has moved to bass, and Jeff Stitely (Reticent Virgo) has joined grubspoon as our new drummer... and wait until you see this guy play!!! We've been jammin' together for a few weeks now and are about ready to get back out on the road, so stay tuned!

DC101 has contacted us, and will be playing Swallow on their Local Lix program (Sunday nights at 9pm). They really wanted to play Fuck Virginia, but for some reason they feel it isn't the most radio - appropriate tune... shrug. Anyhow, we BEG all of you to please bug the hell out of them by requesting grubspoon at or (202) 432-1101 / (800) 33-DC101. Please send one email/call a day until further notice!!! Much appreciated!!!!

the anger... Anyone who doesn't have the EP yet needs to go HERE and order one IMMEDIATELY!!! We are running out of them fast, so get yours while you still can, only $7!!!

DOWNLOADS: You can also download the EP or individual tracks at Apple iTunes, Napster, RuleRadio, and Sony Connect; and we should be up on Rhapsody, MusicMatch, BuyMusic, Emusic, MusicNet, MusicLunchbox and others soon.

April 22, 2004
Thanks to everyone (friends and FAMILY) who came out to support us at the Hard Rock Cafe in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Congrats to Cypher for winning the award for "Most Able To Not Fall On Your Ass While Loading Your Gear Through The Grease Covered Kitchen" and for making it to the finals. We bid farewell to Eric (you're my boy Blood!) as he moves on to bigger and better things. Not to worry though, we already have several ideas for a replacement. More on that later. Stay tuned!

April 2, 2004
The CD RELEASE show at Fletcher's was da bomb! If you missed it, you missed a defining appearance. We'd like to send a special thanks to our friends Black Hand , Penicillin and Minus-One
for helping us rock the house. If you didn't get a copy of our new CD, "the anger, the edge, and the joke behind it," at the show don't worry! You can now purchase CDs online right here at Just click on the "buy some grub" link and whip out the plastic!

March 26,2004
Well hello there! As you may have deducted from the emails and the loud random screams in your `neighborhood during recent nights, the new EP is here! It is entitled "the anger, the edge, and the joke behind it," and it's coming to a juke box near you...uh...any day now. To celebrate, we are inviting you to join us for a little soirŽe on Friday, April 2 at Fletcher's in Baltimore. Our good friends, Black Hand , will be opening up the show. They are incredible and sound nothing like us, so you're sure to love them. They wanted $10,000 to do the show, but we found out that Papi Feducci was vacationing in Nepal and would not be there, so we renegotiated. The Hand will be followed by Minus-One and Penicillin, both of whom rock. We are headlining (woo hoo!) and will be featuring several Norah Jones covers, along with our normal post-polka repertoire. More info on the show is available at our performances page. If you miss this show, we reserve the right to write a song about you. Werd.

December 8, 2003
We are currently finishing our EP, due out in early 2004. Click here to join our email list to get updates on shows, news and more.

December 6, 2003
Happy Chriswanzukkah everybody! Once again the festival and toy drive for Toys for Tots was a smashing success (for 5 straight years!) thanks to Mother's Federal Hill Grille and everybody who attended and brought toys. We had over 70 people and over 100 toys! The review of the first grubspoon Acoustic Jam were awesome as well, along with many a complimentary comment of Reticent Virgo's new songs and that super phat old school banner. Good job Stitely!

November 26, 2003
Thanks to Drug Money and The Velvet Lounge for letting us rock your space on the biggest night out all year! I emphasize "space" here because I guess everybody was indeed "out," just not out here. We broke out some new tunes though, and had some delicious Thanksgiving pre-game in the form of the wildest of turkeys. Thanks to all our new fans who came out to support us.

November 20, 2003
The Barking Dog and our pals, Reticent Virgo, helped us put on a killer show yet again. A special thanks to Jim from RV who graciously let me play his awesome Mesa Boogie in the abscence of my stolen amp.

November 14, 2003
We had an even bigger, more enthusiastic crowd this time at Fletcher's and we really appreciate all the support. Thanks to Layhill and Earthborn for helping us rock the joint and we wish the guys from Mindside 19 a speedy recovery, to both their boy and their band. Get back soon fellas! We did experience a small downside to the show though, as somehow my Marshall amp grew legs and walked out. If anybody has any information on where the mighty Marshall might be, please email us. Peace.

October 18, 2003
Thanks to Fletcher's for having us, we had a blast. And thanks to all our loyal fans who continue to support us. Amanda, Sarah, Kristine, Jenn, Brenna, Jill, Irish, Dan, Cliff, the Swicks & Co., Stitely, Tiffany and everybody who I might have forgotten to list here... you guys ROCK! We love when you come to see us and we especially love it when you stay after the show to hang out and knock back a few cold ones. We look forward to seeing everybody real soon!

September 24, 2003
Call placed to hotline at 10:25 am - Randolph Hills. Neighbor plays his music loudly at all hours of the day and night. Caller called police at 10 pm and again at 10:45 pm. Police said they would not issue a ticket. "The Association brought this issue to the attention of two police officers at the June meeting. Montgomery County Code does not mention specific sound levels that cannot be exceeded during the day and night. Some police officers feel they cannot issue tickets because they do not carry sound level measuring equipment. Fortunately for us, the Code does say that unreasonable levels of sound are indeed grounds for issuing a citation: sound equipment is not required. Please contact the RCA if this remains an issue."

September 20, 2003
Law incidents have become commonplace for grubspoon, and Saturday's Existian Music Festival was no exception. A not-so-anonymous call was placed to the Park Police by the Cuban Embassy regarding 'the screaming of obsenities through a microphone.' While the Cubans spoke very little english, they are now apparently very clear on how we feel about Virginia. Later, we discovered that urinating in city parks is discouraged, and next year we plan to bring adult diapers, since 'Mr. Perfect' was under the impression that everyone could hold it in all day and there was no need for portables.

Okay, enough of my bitching. Existian ROCKED!! All the bands were amazing, from the smooth stylings of First Rays, to Black Hand's sweet, twangy melodies, to the funky rhythms of Speakers of the House...and then there was Washington Social Club...oh my...just go see them my friends, they are our new heros. We had a blast, thanks for everyone who ventured down 16th Street to see the show, we appreciate your continued support and will see you again soon...I've rambled for long enough, peace.

September 3, 2003
We returned to headline at The Velvet Lounge in DC. Thanks to everybody who came out, we appreciate the "applause." We love the Lounge and look forward to hitting it again soon.

August 21, 2003
This was a big show for us. A special thanks to Black Hand and to all our fans that made it out on a school/work night to see us last Thursday night at The Barking Dog in Bethesda, MD and to our boy Steve who loaned us those phat lights and to Nick who let us borrow the smoke machine. Those who came certainly got to see a heck of a show. Black Hand is amazing, check them out if you ever get the chance. I don't really know how to describe our part of the show, but you'll see from the pics that it was interesting to say the least. A few announcements, first, the guys from Black Hand have invited us to open the Existian Festival on Saturday, September 20 (we play at noon). Existian is a local music festival featuring an eclectic collection of some of the coolest bands in DC. It's a free show and it's going to be a lot of fun, so hopefully everyone will make it down (visit our performances page for details). Also, just announced, we will be playing at the Velvet Lounge in DC on Wednesday, September 3rd. We will be recording our set for a possible live release, so make sure you come and cheer loud...who knows, you could be on our next record! We're still planning on going into the studio this fall, too early to say what will come of that, but we're all looking forward to it. We'll keep you updated. That's all I got, take care everybody and be good!

August 1, 2003
Thanks to Animal Pharm and Pharmacy Prophets for helping us blow the doors off The Mojo (formerly Cafe Tattoo) in Baltimore. And as always, thanks to our fans for making the trek up through the tunnel to see us. You know it's gonna be a good show when people turn around mid-trip on their way to the beach on a Friday night to get "spooned." Due to a typo here at, there is some question about what Mogo is exactly, and thanks to one of our fans, we have an answer...

"Apparently, Mogo is a town in New South Wales, Australia. And I would venture, in these days where everything has a price, Grubspoon could "have" Mogo, if they so desired. It seems to me though, mojo is a better thing to have. Unless the veins of gold that have been mined nearby reach into Mogo, in which case Mogo would have to be had. That would automatically give you mojo. So you would have both Mogo and mojo... which would make your first mistaken e-mail valid. When you all sign the big one, you should buy Mogo."

Thanks for the comments, keep 'em coming.

July 10, 2003
We rocked Thunderdome in Baltimore, MD and took no prisoners although the local police did. For details, check your local crime beat! We appreciate everybody coming out and we'd like to remind you why "all ages shows" are a lot of fun... there's no problem getting a beer. Oh, and remember... "Distortion, always start with Distortion."

July 7, 2003
Our first experience at our new practice venue "Turbo Fields" was truly inspirational. Playing in a 100 year old barn surrounded by acres and acres of open land frees the mind (and minimizes the chances of an audio inspired law incident). Surrounded by antique tractors, big ass wrenches, buzzing swallows and a vintage Harley shovelhead trike we were truly inspired. Thanks to our new hosts, and we're charged up to get to work on our upcoming CD release. Stay tuned!

July 2, 2003
Death metal is alive and well at The Depot in Baltimore, MD and so is grubspoon angst. Or were we just being peevish? Thanks to our loyal out of state fans who traveled from as far away as South Carolina to see us. We love you all and hope to play on your turf sometime soon. Thanks also to Devil in My Mind and Ziplok for rounding out the show for us.

June 10, 2003
Thanks to all our loyal fans who came out (on a Tuesday no less) to see us at the Velvet Lounge in D.C. last night (June 10, 2003)! The Lounge is a sweet little venue and we hope to play there again soon. Also, a special thanks to Black Hand and The Country Devils, there's nothing like a little banjo action on a Tuesday night! We recorded our set last night and have some nice tracks that we're going to post on the site, so look out for those. Also, we're planning on going back into the studio over the next few months, and have a few Baltimore shows coming up in early July (check out the band page for details), so stay tuned for updates. Be good and we'll see you soon!

May 30, 2003
Thanks to the Bloodsworth/Krutchensky Party (congrats again Jill and Eric!) and all our other fans who came out Friday, May 30 to see us at Backfinz Bar in Baltimore, MD. We know it was warm in there, but we're not sure if that was because of the lack of A/C or because our music is just so damn hot! Thanks also to special guest Animal Pharmfor once again jamming with us.

May 23, 2003
Thanks to everybody who braved the rain and came out on Memorial Day weekend Friday as we headlined The Vault in Baltimore, MD.
Thanks to Krome, Modzero & Three Track Mind for playing as well.

April 26, 2003
A very special thanks to everyone who rocked out with us at The Barking Dog on Saturday night! We had a blast and we hope that ringing in your ears has subsided a little. We were very excited to have had the chance to play with Animal Pharm, they are real pros, great guys and most of all, they just plain KICK ASS! Also, on behalf of all the males who attended, a special thank you to our female sideshow partici-pant(ie)s...we have been flooded with requests from our fans to have you perform at our future shows, and well, let's just say you're always welcome. Currently, we are working on finalizing dates for a few shows in the Baltimore and DC areas, so make sure to check our site for updates. In the meantime, check out the band page for pics from the show. Take care, we will see you all very soon! - grubspoon

March 21, 2003
grubspoon played Backfins in Locust Point (1036 East Fort Ave
Baltimore, MD). Thanks to all our fans that came to the show (especially those who traveled from as far away as New Jersey and Massachusetts)! We had a great time playing for you, rocking out with Reticent Virgo and watching the Maryland Terrapins win an incredible last second victory in the 1st round of the big dance! Be sure to mark April 26th on your calendar, because we're returning to The Dog to tear it up once again. We look forward to seeing you all again.

February 19, 2003
Hola my little Snow Bunnies, well... for those of you in the DC/Baltimore area, like us, you've undoubtedly enjoyed your extended weekend. Matt has been stranded in Bethesda, JJ has been drunk for 4 straight days and Turbo is stuck in Vegas. As for me, well, a little time snowed in has allowed me to reflect on life and gain some perspective on all things Andy (in other words, I sat on my couch and watched every DVD I own).

We're all very excited to get out and play some live shows again, and we have several things in the works. In addition to our Baltimore debut at Madison's of Locust Point on 3/21, we are planning both a DC and a Baltimore CD release party for the spring. Our demo/cd debut is done, and we're just figuring out how to make 8 million copies (expected week 1 sales) of it to get to you folks. Regardless, the CD (called 'grubspoon') will be available both at our shows and over the web site eventually.

Stay warm and keep those snow shovels handy...I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of Old Man Winter. We can't wait to see you all very soon...
- Andy

February 5, 2003
We've completed the recording of our first demo. We produced the entire CD ourselves and we'd like to thank Christina and Morgan for graciously letting us make so much noise. The CD includes 4 songs which are a good sampling of our sound. We are currently working on several news songs as well as polishing our existing music.

news songs: n. (nu-s song-s) - lyrical current events statements staged to rhythmic guitar and drum playing.

i.e. "Feb. 11 2003 - Rockville resident Andy Swick is killed by a rampaging donkey on a business trip to Tijuana. Witnesses report seeing a tall, crazy haired man laughing hysterically as the massacre was taking place. Local authorities are searching for this man on suspicion that he was involved in staging the event and request anyone with further information contact them immediately."

December 14, 2002
grubspoon played the 4th Annual Chriswanzukkah Festival
at The Barking Dog in Bethesda, MD (4723 Elm St). Doors opened at 6:00pm, grubspoon went on around 9:00pm and then friends and rock-n-roll mentors Reticent Virgo played at 10:00pm.




special announcements:

October 5, 2005
We are featured in OnTap Magazine's FourPlay Artist Spotlight!

July 29, 2005
We're interviewed by City Paper (DC) and appear in their online Pop Quiz!

June 20, 2005
We launched our very own site on MySpace! Check us out!

June 3, 2005
HAPPY ACCIDENTS IS NOW AVAILABLE!!! Pick up a copy of the first grubspoon full-length CD right here!!

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