grubspoon "Happy Accidents" CD Release show

Friday, June 3, 2005 at The Royal in Baltimore

grubspoon CD "Happy Accidents" Late Nite Linda at the pre-show party Porn Star circa 1973 The Band Hot fans Matt sporting the ugly polo
Andy sporting an even uglier polo The girls love us Stitley with an ugly vintage polo grubspoon on the board And the hits keep coming! Late Nite Linda is in every other picture
The Cools grubspoon The evening's set list Rocking More rocking Rocking for a packed house
Pictures of people taking pictures Stitley wearing out his sticks I think Matt just called you a cheat and a liar It's gettin' hot in here Stitely wearing out his drums Where's your other hand Evil?
Focus, FOCUS! Sing... sing a song... "I, am Turbo." Our producer, Kevin Hill hits the stage We rock the Day Tripper! Is this fun or WHAT?!
Andy working overtime What's cooler than cool? Turbo! Stitely seeing red Good lord our fans are hot! Andy hitting Penance HARD Turbo digging in
One time! Two times! Kind feel like... ...I owe you something! The Man Behind The Curtain Pat Talber pops his head in for a minute.